Product Lifecycle Management Services

Elakk Technologies has specific expertise and in-depth knowledge of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems that can help improve your business and provide better returns. With our product lifecycle management services, we plan and execute PLM systems that manage your costs and maximize revenue from research and development investments. We help companies handle complex lifecycle management issues right from the design, manufacture, distribution, and launch of products into various industries including the aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, medical, renewable energy, and industrial sectors.

Elakk Technologies works within your corporate mission and company values to roll out cross-functional transformations to multi-disciplinary teams. ICW’s skilled engineers work with a variety of software including the world’s leading SolidWorks EPDM software. Also, with the utmost passion for providing the highest quality standards, we regularly work to international standards including ASTM.

PLM Expertise at Elakk Technologies

  • Bill of Materials (BOM) Management: The BOM of any product is critical, and its accuracy is the key element. We help you manage your BOM in real-time, making sure it’s easily shared, visualized, and kept up to date throughout the entire organization.
  • Engineering Change Management: Products often require changes to meet design and manufacturing demands. We ensure Engineering changes (ECR/ECO) are presented clearly and easily processed through all approval stages.
  • New Product Introduction (NPI / NPD) Processes: As new products are introduced to the market projects are managed closely. Elakk Technologies transparent NPI / NPD processes ensure that developments and milestones are presented in real-time, resulting in a more successful outcome for every project.
  • Quality Management: Quality makes or breaks a business, and it’s crucial to get it right every time. Elakk Technologies quality processes, workflows and control loops that track cross-functional input, resulting in a system that produces consistent and repeatable quality.
  • Supplier Collaboration: Managing production lines smoothly with parts delivered on time, supplier communication is important. We tailor a secure environment to manage all approved suppliers in one place, across the organization.
  • Product Data Management: When it comes to engineering designs and technical information, different job functions need to collaborate across the organization. We set up data management capabilities to allow sharing, tracking and real-time management of product data.

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  • Monitors Human Costs.
  • Documents Progress of Process.
  • Process of Invoices.
  • Records External Employees' Services.
  • Confirms Service Management Orders.
  • Maintains Planning and Progress.
  • Collects Data Plans and Sheets.