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Elakk provides professional and cost-effective computing services on Amazon WS to help enterprises develop, host, manage and scale applications on Cloud and leverage the global network of Microsoft datacenters.

Every business conversation today revolves around SMAC-Social, Mobility, Cloud and Analytics. The cloud is empowering enterprises to transform their businesses-by accelerating digital innovation, enabling agile business platforms and shortening time-to-market. Cloud is the corner stone of a future-ready enterprise. Cloud application migration and modernization has become an imperative, to support dynamic business demands, and large-scale, multi-geography projects

Whether you use traditional data centers, virtualized environments, an on/off-premise private cloud public clouds or hybrid clouds, Cloud Operations Center provides the ideal platform to Provision, Configure, Secure, Monitor And Manage your applications and Cloud infrastructure-transforming your enterprise to have a seamless Hybrid Cloud experience.


  • Gain better visibility into your investments and derive predictable outcomes from the Cloud
  • Improve productivity by minimizing redundancy inherent in Cloud migration activity
  • Reduce cost of cloud migration
  • Unified Service Management with centralized policy management and workflow automation
  • Centralized Dashboard of SLA and Assets spanning multiple cloud environments
  • Compliance and monitoring of services in the cloud environment
  • Analytic modeling for predicting the future capacity requirements and application response times
  • Workflow and processes automation across the proposed and third-party solutions and platforms
  • Self-Service Provisioning of machines on demand directly based on preconfigured approval workflows
  • Charge back to internal Business Units based on consumption

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