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Java Development Services, one of the many things that keeps Elakk Tech on the forefront. Elakk Tech's Java Programming Team has been enabling its clients implement cutting edge and world class Java solutions based on Java Development Technologies and Frameworks for more than 10 years.

We have gained expertise over the years in delivering complex and critical projects on Java with utmost perfection and have adhered to the industry’s best practices.

Elakk provides dedicated services for developing web and mobile application development in Java tailored to the specific needs of enterprises and software companies.

  • Oracle, Sun as well as SCRUM Certified Professionals on board
  • Expertise in leading Java application frameworks, tool and CMS platforms
  • Experienced Developers, BAs, QAs, UX experts, digital marketers, and creative designers
  • Expert Java project leads, developers, architects and analysts
  • Agile methodology with quality, scalable and time-tested approaches

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Accelerate your new application development projects and minimize performance risks by taking advantage of Spring .

  • Our Employees are also hard-core Java developers
  • Our Employees bring real-world expertise to your company
  • We have an army of Java engineers backing up the Employees you work with

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Maven is a very popular and stable build tool, widely used by many developers and organizations these days. It provides a standard build lifecycle, many sensible conventions regarding project organization and declarative ways to define any project-specific settings.

Maven is an open source build tool traditionally used in Java and Java EE projects to compile source files, execute unit tests and assemble distribution artifacts. While Maven specializes in Java projects and artifacts, such as .ear and .war applications, it is not limited to those environments and can be equally used for Groovy and Scala projects, which seem to be popular alternatives to Java these days.

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As an ORM Framework, Hibernate’s Object/Relational mappings simplify the task of persisting data from Java environment to database. We utilize Hibernate to improve access and retrieval of data, and build scalable applications that improve data analysis and business performance.

  • Web Application Development
  • Enterprise Application Development
  • Website Development
  • Optimization of Web Applications Support & Maintenance

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We leverage JavaScript to build powerful web applications and responsive websites. Our mastery of various JS frameworks like Angular, Backbone, Knockout and Node enable us to deliver effective solutions rapidly.

  • Websites & Portal Development
  • Version Migrations and Cross-browser TestingPlug-ins Development
  • Customization Integrations with CMS and Ecommerce Plugins
  • Custom Widget Development Proof of Concept Applications
  • RIA Application Development

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Leveraging Java Struts framework, we build powerful, enterprise web applications that are easy to maintain. Our longstanding expertise in using servlets and Java Server Pages allows us to build scalable and secure apps at economical rates.

  • Customization with Struts
  • Rapid Java Application Development
  • Reduced Cost Across Application
  • Lifecycle Support & Maintenance
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We have a huge team of skilled HTML5 developers including certified developers,Over the years, we have acquired extensive experience in offering a series of solutions and services on HTML5 that meets user, business and industry-specific needs.

  • Application Testing HTML5/CSS3
  • Support and Maintenance
  • HTML5 Mobile Application Development
  • HTML5 Game Development

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We leverage the Play Framework to build fast, secure and scalable apps that work seamlessly across web and mobile platforms. Combining Play framework with our application development best practices allows us to boost developer productivity and speed up the development process.

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Our Angular JS experts excel at speedily building scalable, secure and lightning-fast websites. At the same time, we have an eye for detail and we take pride in building seamless and intuitive user interfaces.

We formulate the right strategy to design an application for you that meets the requirments of your business based on the market scenario.

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  • Profound knowledge of frameworks and mobile technologies.
  • High Quality app development process
  • Time bound delivery and cost effective services
  • Reputed and Recognized for developing robust mobile apps
  • Provide dynamic services to various platforms
  • Experienced Personnel