eCommerce Solutions

New-age shopping experience with advanced technology

eCommerce Solutions

Elakk eCommerce web development services will help you choose the right solution for your business that caters to your current, as well as, future needs.

Our ECommerce development solutions are completely customizable and you get to have a personalized and unique visual presentation of your store without incurring the heavy costs of a commissioned solution. Today's retailers need a seamless e-commerce platform in order to drive sales through dynamic digital channels with advanced merchandising abilities. Merchandising needs a careful consideration of various components to maximize the value derived from the investment.

  • Shopping experience with new technology tools
  • Life-like visuals with Product descriptions
  • Neatly designed product catalogs
  • Secure on-line payment gateways such as ICICI Bank, Paypal, HDFC Bank, etc.
  • Application software integration with mobile, tablet, PC etc...
  • Integration with shipping software applications like Fedex, UPS, DHL etc...
  • Choice of multiple platforms
  • Integrated Solutions for various Industries
  • Secure Systems with PCI Compliance
  • Choice of wide range of payment gateways
  • Custom work flow for order management
  • Single page check out
  • Integration & Design of Custom CMS

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  • Effective solution to easily search products online
  • Every client gets to create, edit, publish any kind of web contents
  • Business users can add desired products without any technical assistance
  • Payment gateway integration through options like credit / debit card, Net banking etc for secure online transaction
  • Online shopping card embedded portfolio, developed using advanced e-commerce development software like Asp .Net
  • Increased visibility through search engine marketing

eCommerce Solutions